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Project Description
The ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel requires the whole page to render, but sends only the contents of the UpdatePanel to the client.
The goal of this project is the development of a component that really renders only the partial contents. This will increase the rendering speed and unload server resources.


If you want to support the development of PartialUpdatePanel, please click the following link

Usage scenarious
Example scenarious where you better use the PartialUpdatePanel might be
  • Autonomous sections of your page that require PostBack-support but not the environment information of the whole page (e.g. data lists with paging support where the user can browse through news, feeds, mails, etc.)
  • User feedback when your control have to complete long operations. In this case use a PartialUpdatePanel with render method "Clientside". The surrounding page will be displayed with a waiting message. The user get's feedback that something is going on he has to wait for.

Technologies used
  • C#
  • .NET Framework 4.00

Things supported so far
The PartialUpdatePanel supports
  • Maintaining the viewstate. The viewstate of the partial content will be maintained during postbacks. Because evey PatialUpdatePanel manages it's own viewstate, less data is transfered between client and server than the AJAX UpdatePanel does.
  • PostBacks from childcontrols. Full postback support with event handling.
  • Parameters can be declared which will be transfered as GET-Parameters to the control. These parameters can be modified during runtime via JScript.
  • Autorefreshing the content every n milliseconds
  • Render the control initially synchronous (with all other controls on the page) or asynchronous (the page is sent to the client which requests the control to load)
  • Automatically execute JavaScript snippets from your Control via ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript or ScriptManager.RegisterClientScriptBlock
  • Set a timeout after the LoadingTemplate should be shown
  • You can use controls from the AJAX Control Toolkit inside the PartialUpdatePanel
  • Globalization
  • Encrypt path to your UserControl
  • Using custom ScriptManagers (including ToolkitScriptManager)
  • Using ToolkitScriptManager.CombineScriptsHandlerUrl
  • Change UserControl path during runtime via JavaScript
  • Provides a PartialUpdatePanel.IsPostBack property for checking asynchronous post backs
  • Works with .NET 3.5 as well as .NET 4.0

Find a detailed description of the source code here:

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