Question on Debugging and add attributes..

Jun 10, 2008 at 3:56 PM

It’s a great control. I have tried quite a bit on this and I am in a stage where I am planning to use it in one of our real-time application. I believe that this should is growing to become a good alternative way of doing the Client postback. I am hoping I can find some answers for these 2 issues,

1) One of the biggest issue that I have for implementation is my limitation on debugging. After including the PartialupdatePanel on my webpage, I am unable to debug anything on client side which kind of puts the limitation. Please share if anyone has found a solution to this.
2) I am unable to add attributes from the server side on to the controls. I have kind of done a hack to have the attribute directly added on the client side and checking and appending in ProcessPostBackControls to conditionally add the script from the OnClientClick block.