PartialUpdatePanel 1.5.1

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Released: Jun 10, 2008
Updated: Jun 10, 2008 by iucon
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Release Notes

The PartialUpdatePanel provides real partial rendering of ASP.NET pages.
By using this control you can get a performance improvement compared to ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel, because not all page data are transfered. Only a minimal set of data is transfered between client and server to let your UserControl run and make it fully functionable.


Version 1.5.1
Added support for ScriptManager.RegisterDataItem

Version 1.5
Added support for ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
Registered client script includes working
Global unique control IDs are generated to prevent conflicts when using multiple PartialUpdatePanels on the same page

Version 1.4
ControlState is now transfered correctly between postbacks using a custom PageStatePersister
New property DisplayLoadingAfter prevents flickering for fast loading controls
New property RenderAfterPanel allows to load controls in a sequential order

Version 1.3
Added support for ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript to run JScript code after partial PostBacks
Parameters are no more transported via HTTP-GET but via HTTP-POST
Output bugfix: the <form>-Tag was rendered more than once when using controls with the InitialRenderMode Serverside.

Version 1.2.1
Minor bugfix: viewstate of initially serverside rendered controls were not handled correctly on normal postbacks

Version 1.2
Added the property InitialRenderBehaviour to PartialUpdatePanel
Added IRequiresSessionState to PartialUpdatePanelHandler
UrlEncode the viewstate in PanelHostPage

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