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handling events in user controls?


had a very long discussion in stackoverflow trying to find the root cause of the problem. The question the user posted was at first unrelated to use of PartialUpdatePanel. The user scenario was, he wanted to expose events in his web user control and be able to handle that somewhere in the codebehind. He did everything by the book to raise the event correctly.

But later we learned that that scenario is not supported in the current design.

In other words, we've a user control that exposes and event. Unless we have a declarative markup way of declaring it seems we cannot hooks events to the user control. The current way of associating a user control to a PartialUpdatePanel is as follows
PartialUpdatePanel1.UserControlPath = "~/MyCustomControl.ascx";
This style of associating a user control to the partial update panel doesn't allow us to attach events and handle it somewhere.